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Footwear Impression
Footwear Impression
Training: Forensic Imaging, Inc. offers both general and specialized training in both digital and traditional imaging. Enter this area to see some typical types of courses, as well as specific applications that may be addressed. Forms for workshop and seminar requests and literature are in this area. A mail link, also, exists for training requests.

Consulting: As this area name implies, needs analysis work for imaging is in this area. Also included is the designing, installing and testing of imaging equipment. Naturally, the writing and illustrating of operation manuals as well as protocols for imaging needs is included in this area. You may contact us about consulting in this area as well.

Products: Training literature produced by Forensic Imaging, Inc. are shown as well as literature and products that we are a dealer for. These items are strictly for the imaging field. Order forms to be filled out, printed and mailed (with payment) for these products are here, too.

Imaging: Forensic Imaging, Inc offers a comprehensive imaging service in both traditional film and digital services. The realm of specialized lighting is our high point. We do complete infrared and ultraviolet examinations for evidence of all types. Documents are a specialty. Through association with other specialists, it is felt that any client need (or application) may be met with absolute experts. You may contact us in this area also.

Document Examination: Through agreements and associations, Forensic Imaging, Inc. can offer document examination services that are based on physical evidence. Psychological profiling from letterforms is not done. Entering this area will allow you to understand, further, what examinations can be done. You may contact us in this area as well.

Explanation for fees: Other than on products, we have no fixed fees. Because of the varied nature of the types of things we do, it is nearly impossible to create an equitable "fixed fee". Therefore, we prefer to quote to specifications, or statements of work to be performed. We feel that our services and products can compete with any in the industry, from a perception of quality for value received. Please contact us so that we may discuss and address your needs.